Are You Ready to Switch to Beverly Bank?

Switching your bank account is easy with our switch kit. Redirect your direct deposits, change your automatic payments and even close an old account in just a few steps. If you don't yet have an account with Beverly Bank, you can open an account online or contact us. If you already have a Beverly Bank account, simply download and complete the following forms to provide all necessary parties with written notices that your account has moved.

Direct Deposit Switch Form
Make a list of any direct deposits that come into your account (i.e. employer, social security, investment dividends, etc.). Download, complete and submit this Direct Deposit form to each.

Automatic Payment Switch Form
Make a list of any automatic payments that come out of your account (i.e. loans, utilities, insurances, etc.). Download, complete and submit this Automatic Payments form to each.

Close Old Accounts Form
Once all payments from your old account have cleared, direct deposits have been redirected and automatic withdrawals are updated, download and complete this Close Account form and then submit it to your previous bank.

If you need help, have questions or are unable to print the forms, please contact us.