Comparison Chart

Checking Comparison Chart

FeatureCooperative CheckingNOW Checking
Earns Interestyes
Minimum Balance Requirement$100$10
Monthly Service Charge$5.00 unless a $100 average daily balance is maintained$4.00 unless a $500 daily balance is maintained
Online Banking & Bill Payyesyes
Mobile Banking1yesyes
Debit Cardyesyes
Surcharge-free SUM® ATM Access2yesyes
Unlimited Check Writingyesyes3
Overdraft Protection Optionsyesyes

1 Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

2 Beverly Bank is not responsible for ATM surcharges imposed by others.

3 A fee of $0.25 will be imposed for each transaction (withdrawal, check paid, automatic transfer or payment out of your account) if the balance in the account falls below $500.00 any day of the statement cycle.

Cooperative Checking

Enjoy a variety of time-saving features. Maintain an average monthly balance of $100 to avoid any monthly service or activity charges.

1 Up to $15.

2 Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

3 Beverly Bank is not responsible for ATM surcharges imposed by others.

NOW Checking

Get more from an account that gives you more. Earn interest on daily balances of $10.00 or more, and avoid maintenance and activity charges by maintaining a daily balance of $500.

1 Up to $15.

2 Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

3 Beverly Bank is not responsible for ATM surcharges imposed by others.

12-18 SCORE Checking Account

Designed to grow with 12-to 18-year-old account holders, this account encourages financial responsibility and provides beneficial exposure to money management tools. Pair it with a SCORE Savings Account for additional banking benefits. Co-signers1 are required for all SCORE Accounts and related SCORE products.

  • $10.00 minimum balance to open
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • ATM Card available for account holders ages 12-18
    • $100 daily withdrawal/usage limit
  • Debit Card available for account holders ages 16-18
    • $250 daily withdrawal/usage limit
  • No charges for transactions at SUM® network ATMs
  • 3 free2 non-SUM® ATM transactions per month
  • Free basic checks3
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking4
  • eStatements
  • Reduced overdraft fee of $5.005

1 Co-signer is defined as a person age 21 or older.

2 At ATMs outside SUM® network, through age 18; standard fees apply upon turning age 19.

3 Standard check fees apply upon turning age 19.

4 Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier.

5 Standard overdraft fee applies upon turning age 19.

Beverly Bank does not assess fees against individuals under age 19 in this program for monthly maintenance charges, basic check orders, wire transfers or stop payments, etc. except that the bank may charge non-sufficient funds/uncollected funds fee of up to $5.00. Upon 19th birthday, standard fees are applicable. Refer to your Truth in Savings disclosure for additional fees and charges information.

Overdraft Protection

Sometimes accidental overdrafts just happen. In the event of a deposit delay or budget miscalculation, we offer options to help you avoid the high fees and extra hassle that overdrafts can bring.

Overdraft Privilege is our overdraft service that is offered to those customers in good standing. With this service, Beverly Bank may authorize and pay checks written, automatic bill payments, and other electronic transactions that exceed your current account balance. If you accidentally overdraw your account, we may cover your overdrafts and any associated fee(s), thus saving you the inconvenience of any bounced checks and fees normally charged to you by merchants for checks returned to them. You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive balance as soon as possible, but no longer than 30 days. Overdraft Privilege does not cover overdrafts caused by ATM and debit card transactions, unless you authorize the bank to do so. There is no fee to sign up for Overdraft Privilege, but our standard per item overdraft fees1 will apply if you overdraw your account.

1 A $30 overdraft charge per item, with a limit of six per-item charges per day. 18/65 accounts will be charged a $5 per-item overdraft charge.

An Overdraft Line of Credit2 is a loan that provides automatic coverage up to your available credit line whenever you write a check or make a withdrawal for more than your checking account balance. Learn more.

2 Subject to credit approval.

Overdraft Protection uses an automatic sweep transfer from your Statement Savings Account. This feature automatically withdraws funds from your savings account and deposits them into your checking account in the event of an overdraft.3

3 There is a $5 fee for each transfer. No more than six transfers and withdrawals, or a combination of such transfers and withdrawals are permitted per statement cycle to another Beverly Bank account or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, online transfer or telephone transfer or similar order made by the depositor.

  • Update your check register
  • Check your account balance frequently
  • Set low balance alerts to receive an email when your balance falls below a set amount
  • Sign up for Overdraft Protection from Savings
  • Apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Track and record your ATM/debit card transactions
  • Sign up for direct deposit

At Beverly Bank, every deposit is insured in full. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insures each depositor to at least $250,000. All deposits over and above this amount are covered by the Share Insurance Fund (SIF).

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