Finz Seafood and Grill, Salem - Established in 2001
Sea Level Oyster Bar, Salem - Established in 2015
George Carey, Owner

Finz restaurant has been a dining favorite on the North Shore since it opened its doors in 2001. It serves a variety of delicious flavors with views of Salem Wharf. Finz’s great success has led owner, George Carey, to expand with an additional restaurant, Sea Level Oyster Bar. Like Finz, Sea Level serves tasteful dishes with views of the Atlantic.

George Carey came to Beverly Bank in 2011 to finance Finz and then returned later in 2014 to finance Sea Level. Mr. Carey has been a long time customer of Beverly Bank and since joining he has been able to flourish with not one, but two successful businesses.

George Carey says Beverly Bank is a great bank to work with. He states, “Beverly Bank is a very responsive bank. They are aggressively competitive with other banks in the area.” Mr. Carey has worked with Beverly Bank for 13 plus years. “Through good times and bad times Beverly Bank has been there to support me with my small businesses. We went back to Beverly Bank when financing Sea Level Oyster Bar because we knew they were able to support our needs.”

Beverly Bank is always committed to providing financial solutions to the people and businesses in our market.