Airtight Weatherization, Beverly - Established in 2011
Jim Fortin and Jeremy Fitzgerald Co-owners

Our weatherization business was taking off and we needed to buy another truck to keep up with demand as more - and larger - projects continued to come in. I asked my bank about a loan and was told, “We don’t do that,” according to Jim Fortin.

It took no time at all for the new business owners to realize it was time for a new bank. “One that was interested in the same thing we were – growing our business,” added Jeremy Fitzgerald. “We needed a bank that would work with us - helping us determine the right products and services and give us advice on how to streamline the process, he said. In the year and a half they’ve been business customers at Beverly Bank, Air-tight Weatherization has grown from just one truck and one work crew, to five trucks and four crews.

“We Work With You” is Beverly Bank’s tagline. “But to us it’s a lot more,” said Fortin. “It’s what Beverly Bank does for Air-tight Weatherization every day. They work with us to help find the banking solutions that make sense for our business.” What’s right for one business may not be ideal for a different type of business. “I’ve banked with big banks and felt virtually invisible. At the risk of sounding corny, at Beverly Bank everybody knows my name. And it’s a great feeling to know my bank is on my side,” added Fortin.