December 1, 2015

Beverly Bank has donated to the Salem Backpack Program. For many Salem children, the food they receive through the school's breakfast and lunch program is their main source of nutrition during the week. The Salem Backpack program provides Salem children a bag of nutritious food for the weekend during the school year. Now in its fourth year, The Salem Backpack Program serves five Salem elementary schools and over seventy students. The food is packed and delivered by volunteers to the schools each Friday. It is discreetly put directly into the child's own backpack to take home. The program provides two breakfasts, two lunches, snacks, juice, milk and fresh fruit.

Studies show that children have difficulty learning when they are hungry. They also miss more days of school due to illness. Math scores are shown to be higher when students start their day with breakfast. The Salem schools work with the Salem Backpack Program to identify families in need. Our hope is with continued donations and funding, that we can expand to all of the Salem public schools.

Funded by the Salem Pantry, the Salem Backpack Program is run by Kerry Murphy and Betsy Ricciarelli, both parents of Salem elementary school students, as well as a team of dedicated volunteers who pack the food each Friday at the Salem Pantry location.

For questions about the Salem Backpack Program, or to make donations, please contact Kerry Murphy at 978-317-3738, or by email at .

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