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August 25, 1888 – Beverly Bank is granted a charter.

September 18, 1888 – The first regular monthly meeting is held. During this meeting, $666.00 was paid - the total capital on which the bank was founded.

1888 – Because the bank had no office of its own, payments were made at the office of the Secretary, Charles F. Lee on the second floor of the Endicott Building, 153 Cabot Street.

1891 – Beverly Bank opened its first office in Room 3 on the second floor of the Endicott Building, 153 Cabot Street.

1896 – The bank is moved to the first floor of the Endicott Building, 155 Cabot Street, where it remains for 29 years.

1925 – The bank moves to 246 Cabot Street, where it operates until the building is destroyed by a fire on August 10, 1954

1954 – Courtesy of the Beverly YMCA, quarters were set up in the reading room for one year.

August 1, 1955 – A new building is completed at 254 Cabot Street

2000 – 254 Cabot Street is renovated and a second floor is added.

Beverly Bank Presidents:

Octavius Howe1888 – 1892
Sidney W. Winslow1892 – 1894
George P. Brown1894 – 1932
Edward S. Webber1932 – 1944
Russell P. Brown1944 – 1965
Herbert C. Noren1965 – 1972
Preston E. Woodberry1972 – 1980
Charles W. Chadder1980 – 1987
John P. Manning1987 – 1990
Peter A. Hersee1990 – 1997
William F. Howard1997 – 2011
Michael R. Wheeler2012 - Present

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